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I heard that our school is getting a full service dunkin’ donuts.  I am very excited about this because dunkin’ donuts is one of the best places to get iced coffee and things of the sort!   We already have a subway on campus and I love going there too!  It is so easy to have fast food places at school as a freshman without a car on campus.  However, I think that it would be a great idea if subway and dunkin’ donuts created meal deals like pandinis has.  During dinner time and the later hours of the night, there is always a huge line of kids waiting to get their pizza, which is only one swipe away.  This saves college kids so much money.  (The majority of my owl and sodexo bucks went towards food and laundry).  I think that if subway and dunkin’ were to have meal deals, they would get so much more business and kids could save more of their money.

It is finals week and so many people in college still do not know effective study habits.  I have heard many of my friends say that they do not know how to study.  Thankfully, I have had very difficult tests to study for and I know some very good methods to learn the materials to pass a test.

1. Take a lot of notes

-Taking notes requires time, but it really works.  It is easier to remember something when you physically write it down.  Plus, you can refer back to notes whenever necessary.

-sometimes typing out notes that are written helps you remember too.

2. Highlight your notes

-If you take too many notes and just want to study or remember important points, highlight whatever is important in your notes so that you know to read those first.

3. Create a study guide

-One good way to make a study guide is to fold a piece of paper in half the long way and write the questions on one side and the answers on the other.  This way, when you read the question, you can’t see the answer and you have to say it to yourself.  Another thing that helps is talking to yourself.  Even though this sounds a little crazy, saying the questions and answers out loud is a great way to remember the material.

-If you are a visual learner, you can just write all of the notes in a list on a piece of paper and keep reading over them.

4. Have someone quiz you

-Have a study date with a friend! Give the study guide to a friend so he or she can ask you questions that could possibly be on the tests.  This guarantees that you don’t look at the answers.

5. Don’t give up!

-As long as you study the material and put time and effort into it, you will be fine during your exam!  Good luck!

I found this big guy at Beckett Quarry.  My friends and I wanted to go on a really cool adventure during the last week of summer before I went to college and we chose to drive an hour away.  At Beckett Quarry, there are huge cliffs that are thirty, forty, fifty, and even eighty feet tall.  The water there is beautiful and deep and we also went cliff jumping!  It was such a rush of adrenaline and so exciting to take a chance and jump off of a forty-foot ledge!  My friends and I were sitting on one of the ledges enjoying the sunshine and I looked over my shoulder to talk to one of them and I spotted this huge caterpillar on a tree branch right next to me!  He was bigger and way fatter than my finger and he has strange, bright spikes on his back.  I thought that this would be a great time to take a picture of him, since you don’t see a giant caterpillar every day of your life!  Later on that day…we decided to try and look up what kind of caterpillar he was and what he would grow into when he grows up.  We stumbled upon this website http://www.discoverlife.org/20/q?guide=Caterpillars which is an identification guide.  We put in his physical features and it told us that he was a cecropia moth and would soon turn into a beautiful creature.

I thought that the whole day was so much fun and finding this really neat creature was awesome.  I hope to go to Beckett Quarry next summer!  I don’t think I will ever forget this.

Paranormal Activity

I know that so many people have watched this movie and said that it is not scary at all, but I am a wimp and I jump VERY easily.  This was the scariest movie I have seen in a long time and I never want to watch it again.  After watching this movie, I had to watch a happier show and read before I could even begin to fall asleep.  I still get a little freaked out every time I think about the scariest part of this movie.  However, it is a perfect movie for those who want to always be on their toes and waiting for that big, scary moment.  I can see and recognize the scenes that make it an effective horror movie and what makes the audience want to watch more.  Now, there are two other movies after this one….I don’t plan on seeing them anytime soon.  If you like that weird feeling in your chest when you know something bad is going to happen, this is a perfect movie to watch on a late night with some friends!

I know that halloween is right around the corner and one of my favorite disney characters/mystical creature is the little mermaid.  I made my own mermaid costume and it’s really fun to make, pretty and sparkly, and you can even swim in it!

Things you will need:

-swim fins or a monofin

-3 yards of some kind of stretchy fabric that is appealing to the eye

-plenty of pins

-plenty of thread that matches whichever fabric you pick out

-a sewing machine (if you have one)



Locate your fins or monofin; for my project, I am using the monofin


Find a large piece of paper that is long enough to fit the entire bottom half of your body on.  I found two large pieces and taped them together.  This will be your template, and what the shape of your tail will look like at the end.  Sit on the piece of paper and trace your body from your hips to your ankles.


Line up the fins or the monofin correctly on the tracing where your ankles are and trace the outline of the monofin or fins.


Carefully cut out everything you have just traced.  It is starting to look like a mermaid tail!!


Fold the fabric so that the sparkly or shinier side of the fabric is on the inside, then put your cutout on top of the folded fabric and trace your body shape onto the fabric using a piece of chalk (so you can see it and it wont show when you are swimming.) Since i already made my tail awhile ago i used a leftover piece as an example.


Cut on the chalk lines.  After this, you should have two identically cut pieces of fabric, make sure you keep them on top of each other so that you do not have an uneven seam after sewing them together.  Put pins on the line where the chalk is to keep both pieces of fabric in place.


Sew the two pieces of fabric together.  I hand sewed mine and it took about three hours (I was really bored one night).  As you sew, make sure you take the pins out when you get close to them.  Make sure you leave the entire bottom (the very rounded part at the end of your tail called the fluke) unsewed!


To make it easy to get my fin in and out of the bottom of my tail, i sewed ribbons on the end.  This also gives the tail a graceful look while swimming underwater.


Mine ended up looking like this:

Because I made it myself, it is fitted perfectly to my body.  I have a matching top to go with it, and it would make a perfect costume…if you can find a way to move around!  I swam in it in my grandmothers pool when I was younger and it was alot of fun.  This type of project is perfect for younger girls and it is fun to make!

Perfect nature

One day, there was a huge rain storm that caused my basement to flood and trees to fall in the road.  Many people went without power for days, but my family and I were lucky enough to never have lost power.  After the storm cleared up, the sun came out and the weather was nice again.  In my house, my room has a window that opens up to the roof and I always go on it on sunny days.  I looked out the window and saw all of the leaves that ended up falling on the roof.  I took the screen out of the window and took my camera outside with me.  I found this leaf and the droplets were perfectly bubbled up and photo-worthy.  I set my camera on the macro setting and took the picture of this beautiful and natural occurrence.  I did not edit this picture in any way because I wanted to show how wonderful nature can be in its completely natural state; untouched by civilization.  This is important to me because I think that forests and natural phenomenons are a vital part of keeping the world going.  Humans are starting to overlook the importance of nature and the environment and it is killing the Earth.  We need to appreciate nature more, nurture it, and keep it alive.

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